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Coconut Water

coconut water to lose weight

According to the research in an issue of the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition” of November 2010, it was found that, ‘ fatty acids found in coconuts can reduce your food cravings, which would make those fatty acids very beneficial for someone dieting’.

Also these types of fats that are contained in this elixir of life, like medium chain triglycerides, can be extremely beneficial for your body’s composition and for those people who exercise a lot.

It is known to be super hydrated, delicious to drink and pack with minerals. It promotes weight loss; boost the immune system and aids digestion. It is full of potassium and effective at replacing electrolyte after a workout.

It is cholesterol free; fat free, low in calories and great for circulation, heart function and blood pressure. Following are but a few of the many health benefits that can be  found in this elixir.

Health Benefits | Coconut Water and Weight Loss

coconut water to lose weightIt helps to promote weight loss

coconut water to lose weightIt boosts your immune system

coconut water to lose weightIt fight off viruses

coconut water to lose weightIt boost poor circulation

coconut water to lose weightIt aids with digestion by eliminating toxins

coconut water to lose weightIt boost your thyroid health

coconut water to lose weightIt keeps your body at proper temperature

coconut water to lose weightIt carries nutrients and oxygen to cellscoconut water to lose weight

coconut water to lose weightIt helps break up kidney stones

coconut water to lose weightIt is great for liver problems like hepatitis

coconut water to lose weightIt reduces your urinary problems

coconut water to lose weightIt helps reduce swelling in hands and feet

coconut water to lose weightIt is great for burns

coconut water to lose weightIt is said to be great for hangovers

coconut water to lose weightIt will help reduce wrinkles and sagging skin,

coconut water to lose weightIt gives strength and elasticity to the skin.

coconut water to lose weightIt is a common ingredient in many beauty products

coconut water to lose weightIt is very hydrating because its electrolyte content

coconut water to lose weightAnd the list goes on.

According to historical folklore sayings coconut water possesses incredible healing powers and is considered the true elixir for long life.

Today this elixir for weight loss is being considered a new craze; Evidence of this is also being confirmed by today’s medical researchers and other clinical observations.

As is always the case many celebrities have begun indorsing this great elixir and are buying, investing and drinking it by the boat loads.

coconut water to lose weight

Recent news have Madonna investing one point five million dollars into a coconut product and even more resent Rihanna is said to have been selected by Madonna as the new face of the product. Lady Gaga is known for her love of coconut water as well as many other celebrities who are making similar financial investments.

Drinking coconut water to lose weight


This elixir contains more fiber than most other liquid, which aids in weight loss because it slows down food absorption in the digestive system. This will keep your blood glucose levels at a level that prevents sugar spikes, crashes and cravings. While at the same time fiber is known to speeds up the passage of food in the colon.


It is is packed with more potassium than bananas and because Potassium is an electrolyte it helps convert your food into energy faster and builds muscles and your muscles burn more calories when you are resting than fat, and this will help you achieve a loss of weight.


It is full of protein, which can be an appetite suppressant leading to the consumption of fewer calories and therefore you lose weight. A Yale University study published was 1999 found that a diet low in carbohydrate and in high-protein will reduce hunger.

If that is the case then this water is the ideal candidate for a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, which promotes healthy weight loss, lowers your cholesterol levels and boosts your immune system.

Vitamin C

It is high in the anti-oxidant vitamin C, and a study carried out by Arizona State University found that people who had a higher level of vitamin C tended to be slimmer with a lower BMI and little or no fat in their blood.

Vitamin C aids in the production of carnitine, which is an energy carrying hormone for the cells in your body. It have been suggested that too little carnitine will lead to the storage of fat in your body rather than of using it for energy.

There are many weight loss fads, diet pills and programs most of which are not good for you, but the best way that is sure, safe and cheap natural way is to use 100% natural coconut water.